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Hotel Management Solutions


Property Management Solutions offer a wide range of configurable options in order to fit an individual business. They operate in either single-property or multi-property mode, with all properties in an enterprise sharing a single database. The set of solutions help manage reservations, guest data, inventory, accounting and billing, among others.


Designed to meet varied requirements of any size hotel or chain hotel, OPERA Property Management System (PMS) provides the tools to help run operations at a greater level of productivity and profitability than ever before.
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Fidelio Suite8
Fidelio Suite8 Property Management System is a fully integrated, flexible software package, designed to maximize the efficiency of hotel operations, from basic services to complete and luxury services.
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Bring service to your guests...unplugged
Enrich the guest experience with personalised and efficient front desk service from anywhere in your hotel using wireless connection to your network and a smartphone or tablet device. Increase efficiency across key hotel operations, including maintenance and housekeeping, with real-time, actionable information at your fingertips.

Increase efficiency across key hotel operations
The intuitive user interface improves your maintenance and housekeeping operations by providing real-time room status, special requests and maintenance requirements. Managers can easily explore and act on key performance information immediately to ensure that all rooms that can be available are available.

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The Conference solution allows integration of all event activities for easy viewing of the current status of every event: adding events, tasks, activities and booking rooms as needed, in one single step. Details are conviniently displayed: menus and serving times, beverage sequences, planned time for speeeches and many more.

A comprehensive billing system makes it an ideal system for a conference centre.

With a single inventory to monitor and control, the organization can more effectively include the goals of the Catering department in the overall sales and inventory strategy.

OPERA Sales & Catering

Scalable to handle any type of banqueting activities from small operations to large conference centers, OPERA S&C Full Service is the sound platform for a successful banquet and sales operation.
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Suite 8 Conference and Catering Management

Fidelio Suite8
Plan and manage every aspect of even the most complex projects with the Suite8 CCM module. From wedding receptions to corporate conferences, the Banquet Department is a key profit driver.
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MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System (HMS)
9700 HMS
The 9700 HMS is an Electronic POS System for a large enterprise, designed to integrate all functions of both front-end and back-office restaurant service, retail service and more. The 9700 HMS can produce
up-to-the-minute customized reports in real-time, and allows multiple users to operate other software programs while the system is in use. The system can also automate specific utilities, so reports and other functions can run unattended at the same time every day.

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MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Series (RES)

MICROS RES is a complete restaurant POS software solution that adapts to the way you run your business, with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations and guest services. This comprehensive POS system allows
restaurants to manage complex employee environments, monitor inventory levels, streamline ordering and receiving processes, enhance the profitability of your operation with customizable reporting and analysis tools, compare operational conditions against established standards, create waitlists and reservations and implement gift card and loyalty programs for guests.

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Suite 8 Conference and Catering Management

Following on from the success of MICROS 9700 POS suite, Simphony is MICROS' first true enterprise POS product that uses services orientated architecture (SOA) to provide your business with a resilient, scalable and
integrated solution. The Simphony POS solution provides an enterprise approach, scaling from a single site to thousands of properties across brands, time zones and even continents. Due to flexible configuration and deployment options, Simphony POS will meet the needs of the user regardless of the technical deployment requirements or the size of the enterprise.

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Infor Financial.

Gives you innovative, forward-thinking technology you need to compete in a dynamic and volatile environment with Infor Enterprise Financial Management solutions.

This comprehensive, complementary suite of solutions will enable you to:
  • Get anytime, anywhere access to systems and information.
  • Speed decision making and reduce errors by having workflows and alerts come to you—wherever you are.
  • Use social business technology to make communications auditable and collaboration the rule, not the exception.
  • Effectively support growth strategies, no matter where in the world your business may go.
  • Keep costs under control.
  • Automate monitoring for fraud and risk, while eliminating hundreds of hours from each audit cycle.
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BellaVita, a solution by MICROS-Fidelio, combines spa management technology, visitor management and POS systems into one comprehensive and integrated solution.
BellaVita is perfectly designed for :
  • Wellness hotels and resorts
  • Theme/fun parks
  • Sports and fitness clubs
  • Day spas and coiffeurs
Whether wellness, beauty or fitness, BellaVita lets you manage the whole range of services in a unique way. With a couple of mouse clicks, you can put together personalised offers for your guests, simultaneously reserving the required employees and resources.

BellaVita can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, but together with our Fidelio Suite8 Property Management System, it gives hotels a clear competitive edge.

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