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Software Suite of products for all

Departments within a Hotel Operation

In today's competitive market, a hotel needs more than just a reservation, check-in and check-out program. A hotel needs a reliable and professional management system, which provides vital information for day-to-day work, helps maintain a high level of service for increasingly demanding guests and assist in making crucial decisions affecting the bottom line.

At Novacom, we offer a wide range of MICROS-Fidelio scalable and modular property and central solutions for effective hotel management covering:

Hospitality Products

Chain Hotels

Conference Centers and Event Management

Luxury Resorts

eCommerce Solutions

Choose from a wide range of tools that speed up your food preparation process while keeping quality high. Increase table turn with powerful table management solutions and drive sales with targeted marketing activities.

These restaurant enterprise solutions can easily be expanded as required and can fit the demands of :

Hospitality Products

Full Service

Quick Service

Independent and Small Chain Operations

Bars and Nightclubs

Hotel Food Service
A key OPERA module in the casino environment is OPERA Gaming which connects to the casino's Player Tracking System, allowing authorized staff to redeem comps real-time, monitor and control comp expenses, and provide secure access to real-time details on guest expenditures, stay histories, and gaming statistics.

This casino management software solution's high level of scalability benefits large enterprises, linking casino hotel transactions, point-of-sale transactions, back office functions, and guest management operations. With proven results in managing growth, increasing staff productivity, and improving guest satisfaction, OPERA provides casino chains with greater control across their properties.

By deploying a POS casino solution throughout the casino enterprise, including leased outlets, casinos get a true 360 degree view of operations, including the ability to address needs quickly and offer exceptional guest experiences to their clientele. Additionally, the OPERA Suite will provide full casino property management, guest profiles and central reservation capabilities, including an online booking engine allowing hotel reservations to be made via the casino's website.

Hospitality Products

To the stadium and arena operators, we offer solutions that meet their complex business requirements, control operations and provide superior customer service across every area of the business, from ticketing to managing food & beverage and retail operations, to building customer relationships.

The fast paced and customer centric stadium and arena environment requires technology solutions that are easy-to-use, reliable and are robust enough to cater to tens of thousands of fans who are in a rush to grab food and get back to their seats. Managing a stadium operation is not an easy feat, but with the correct technology solutions, complex managerial tasks can be simplified to allow operators more time to focus on their largest business asset - their customers.

Stadiums and Arenas solutions encompass :

Hospitality Products

Food and Beverage Operations

Retail Operations

Enterprise Solutions

Consumer Solutions

Complementary Solutions

Hardware Solutions
An important function of any theme park is the ability to move thousands of guests quickly and efficiently through food and beverage operations on a day-to-day basis is. The hardware is devised to function in high traffic and spill prone venues which proves to reduce the cost of hardware replacements.Aside from point-of-sale systems, we offer payment solutions such as voucher handling, human resource management, loss prevention, and access to ticketing solutions.

Theme Parks solutions encompass :

Hospitality Products

Food and Beverage Operations

Retail Operations

Enterprise Solutions

Consumer Solutions

Complementary Solutions




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