Oracle Hospitality Opera Cloud

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Cloud Services are a cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform for hotel operations and distribution. It offers the comprehensive, next-generation capabilities hotels need to enhance guest experience, improve operating efficiency and enhance employee productivity. OPERA Cloud offers an intuitive user interface, comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management; secure data storage and hundreds of key partner interfaces to meet the needs of hotels of all types and sizes.

Oracle Hospitality Opera 5 Property (PMS)

Opera Property Management System (PMS) is suitable for the management of all sizes and types of accommodation facilities. It saves time by automating the necessary front office operations such as reservation, check-in, and check-out, minimizes the human error and provides a detailed report about the business processes, the facility, and personnel. This way, you can identify the ineffective procedures and processes and take early precautions for the possible problems. Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property provides an open, flexible, property-management platform that can be tailored to the unique requirements of any property, from small boutiques to chain hotels. Its scalability enables you to easily adopt and extend capabilities as your business evolves. Numerous certified interfaces to third-party industry applications help integrate Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property with your enterprise systems for smooth, connected, technology-enabled processes

Oracle Hospitality Suite8 Property (PMS)

Oracle Hospitality Suite8  is a versatile hotel management solution that has a wide range of features. It is designed with a guest-centric perspective. Therefore, it gets involved in and improves all processes including hotel search, reservations, pre-accommodation communication, check-in, services, check-out and post-accommodation contact. Combining the entire needs of a hotel with a guest-centric system, Suite8 can help you manage a restaurant, housekeeping, catering events and sales and marketing activities. Suite8 collects detailed data on about the preference and behaviour of the guest at every phase of the reservation and accommodation. Thus, you can maintain your customer relations and loyalty management based on a data and in a more effective manner. Thanks to these features, you can monitor and manage all the processes in your hotel and enhance efficiency and profitability.

Oracle Hospitality Hotel Mobile

Hotel Mobile is a mobile application solution that enables hoteliers to use, Suite8 and Opera PMS software, world-lead property management systems on their mobile devices. Hotel Mobile, which has iOS, Android OS or Windows application versions, allows you to control the essential functions of your property management system via your mobile device. With Hotel Mobile, you can manage; reservations, check-ins, check-outs, housekeeping and maintenance processes on your mobile device. Oracle Hospitality Hotel Mobile extends key Oracle Hospitality hotel functions to mobile devices, empowering your staff to improve guest engagement by offering personalized services virtually anywhere across your property.