Oracle Hospitality Opera 5 Sales and Catering (SC)

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering is a full-featured customer- and eventmanagement application that seamlessly integrates with Oracle Hospitality OPERA
Property, to maximize group sales and streamline execution of meetings and events.

It stores and reports the data about the visit notes and negotiating of the sales team
together with monitoring and making changes and adjustments in real time regarding the
organizations within the opera.

Oracle Hospitality OPERA Sales and Catering features numerous tools to help you
efficiently book function spaces and manage events. The solution enables multifunction
space configurations to suit all room needs and specifications, empowering you to
efficiently manage the most complex catering requests. The function diary presents events
by function space in a graphical display and allows the user full access to the smallest

The solution also offers a wide range of standard reports to monitor activity and

Oracle Hospitality Suite8 Conference and Catering Management (CCM)

The Oracle Hospitality Suite8 Property Conference and Catering system manages
banquets and conferences from enquiry right through to billing. Thanks to its
comprehensive billing system, it’s also an ideal standalone solution for conference centres.
This product is available in EMEA only