Managing the operations of different branches of your organization can be very challenging especially if you are trying to standardize the quality of service and customer experience in all locations.Our solutions do not only make this possible but also makes you experience while doing that enjoyable.

For any single entity with a vision for growth and expansion, organization is a very key factor. Beginning with the work environment you provide for your staff, which in turn determines the customer experience, thus creating a culture and reputation by which your origination will be known for. In addition, our solutions are top notch in financial origination, helping you to not only have your daily operations smoothly but also help in analyzing your future projections of expansion.

This is perhaps the most crucial part in the whole accommodation experience. Double bookings, mixed up orders, delays in delivery for technological reasons and especially incorrect billing among other issues can prove hazardous to the reputation of an organization. Our solutions help you avoid this but further more we elevate your service delivery to the global industry standards.

Get away facilities attract a variety of clients with diverse interests in their desired experience. This means that an indelible experience is what its takes to have high customer retention and prolonged stays or visits. With our next generation technology, we can guarantee you that our solutions are guest centric and designed to make your facility stand out.

The system is designed to simplify the daily operations of serviced apartments and boutique hotels. With the help of the system, one can manage and track all functions associated with the properties including collecting rent, managing reservations, room allocation, handling meal plans and tariffs, long-termed stays, and even apartment maintenance from a single place.

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Running events shouldn't run you ragged…… Our solution brings balance to planning events, drives attendance, streamlines tasks, and builds exceptional events, at scale

We offer a full-featured sales and catering management software for sales and event staff, ensuring that the sales process is completely automated and offering the operational functionality required making event run smoothly. The system manages hotel reservations and accommodations for conventions and enables seamless registration and housing experience for event attendees. With event management technology and property management solution, it offers a comprehensive and integrated solution for conference hotels.

Being aware that venues are constantly challenged to deliver excellent service, catering and facilities, with their sales process changing and with more and more clients seeking information online and demanding instantly available responses, we offer a full-featured and effective conference management software to meet all of you demands. Whatever facility and event – from corporate bookings, banqueting, academic events, courses, weddings and day events, you can manage them all by using our comprehensive System.

A streamlined or rather standardized quality of service across all facilities is critical aspect when it comes to customer experience. A reassurance for your clients that any location they visited will not feel very different establishes a solid reputation. Also for your management, real-time information on the inventory, financial transaction, guest traffic in different locations among other solutions our analytic technology provides helps you make better informed business choices.

Our solutions help bridge the gap between the customary serving of meals and the entire accommodation process. With global industry standard technology, you can be rest assured that our technology will make these transitions easy and flexible as per the demands of your clients.

Our Automation solution provides highly visible, real-time information to manage and control kitchen orders. With LCD Displays mounted conveniently in your kitchen, this integrated application displays food orders for preparation and monitors the timing of orders for your Speed of Service.

Our solution is simple, easy-to-use software that seamlessly integrates customer preferences, seating capacity, and available staff, while effortlessly managing the customer’s dining experience. Capturing time-sensitive guest demands, our solution puts you in complete control from the moment the guest is greeted until the next diner is seated.

If you are a Bar or Nightclub, our Point of Sale (POS) Systems are the fastest and easiest systems that can adapt to your way of doing business. Our POS Systems can help your operation be more efficient and profitable. Whether you use Fixed Terminals or Hand Held Terminals, our solutions are the fastest and easiest to use and will adapt to any Bar or Nightclub environment.

Our platform helps you understand your client’s needs and preferences. It consolidates client information so that you can keep track of client marketing, therapist and service preferences as well maintain a detailed client history. Medical and allergy warnings ensure that your clients are protected and powerful filtering options ensure you target the right clients for your separate marketing campaign

Our platform has all the features you need to effectively manage your Spa and increase efficiency for both you and your staff. As a completely integrated package, we offer effective solutions for spa managers, such as administration of bookings, services packages and items handling, staff & administration scheduling, club-membership management, gift-certificate administration.

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Our solution is user-friendly and easy to implement in nail salons, hair salons, beauty salons, tanning salons, day spas and other service orientated companies. The system covers all aspects of your business, from scheduling to management reporting and analysis. Each installation is personalized to reflect your own business processes, giving you ultimate control over your business information.

SPA and Health Club